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Legacy systems often come hand-in-hand with a number of issues that can hinder efficient claim processing, including large siloes of data, multiple system access required to process a claim, and the inability to integrate claim data for reporting purposes. Claim examiners also require specialized knowledge to effectively manage various claim types. This prevents cross-claim management, a critical factor in promoting operational efficiency.

ClaimVantage’s innovative cloud-based claims management system eliminates these issues and allows you to:

  • Improve claim processing efficiency.
  • Integrate with external systems.
  • Store real-time claim data in one central location.
  • Automate workflow tasks for quicker claims processing.
  • Create customized reports quickly and easily.

Our software solutions help you to manage benefits efficiently, while reducing the costs and resources required to do so.

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We’ve helped insurance carriers around the globe to perform digital transformation projects; from removing paper from the claims process, integrating multiple systems to streamline the claims process, and introducing auto-adjudication to minimize human interaction.

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