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Some customers opt to engage an implementation partner with whom they’re already familiar, one who has deep experience with their business. In addition, ClaimVantage has formed strong relationships with a number of market-leading implementation partners. They do the heavy lifting during implementation, allowing us to focus on delivering product innovations. Our experience and flexibility enable us to provide our customers with a streamlined implementation experience, regardless of the approach.

The claim processing solution often sits in the back office, supporting the product, sales and customer service teams. To ensure this ecosystem is in sync we provide integration with external technology systems, improving the flow of information throughout your business.





ClaimVantage is proud to be a member of and support a number of industry bodies.

These organizations are dedicated to supporting professionals across the industry with annual education conferences, professional services, and industry research and reports.




ALUCA (Australasian Life Underwriters and Claims Association) is a professional association established to advance the knowledge and professionalism of its members in underwriting and claims issues relating to life and disability insurance products.


CLHIA (Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association) is a voluntary non-profit association providing its members with education and information, focusing on areas of common interest, need, and concern.


The NECA (New England Claim Association) is focused on promoting continued education and endorsing standard claim practices to benefit insurance companies’ customers in the life, accident or health arena.


DMEC is the only association dedicated to providing focused education, knowledge, and networking for absence and disability professionals. Through its national education programs, DMEC delivers trusted strategies, tools, and resources to minimize lost time, improve productivity, and maintain legally compliant absence and disability programs.


The ICA (International Claims Association) provides a forum for information exchange and a program of education tailored to the needs of its member life and health insurance companies, reinsurers, managed care companies, TPAs, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies worldwide.


Novarica is a leading provider of technology strategy research, advisory services, and consulting to property/casualty and life/annuity insurers. Regularly produced content covers trends, benchmarks, best practices, case studies, and vendor solutions specific to the insurance industry.


The IBI (Integrated Benefits Institute) is a leading research organization in health and productivity, providing data, research and tools professionals need to make sound decisions in how they invest in the health of their workforces.


Peers Health is dedicated to creating and distributing information technology that has a measurable impact on people’s health and productivity.

Spring Consulting

Spring is a multidisciplinary employee benefit and risk management consultancy focused on providing consistency, transparency, thoroughness, and client care of the utmost quality.

Provide Best-in-class InsureTech Solutions

By partnering with ClaimVantage

Salesforce is the global leader in providing development tools to build and run cloud-based business applications. The Salesforce Lightning Platform is metadata-driven and ensures a secure, reliable and scalable environment.

Instant access, anywhere, anytime.

Our software solutions can be accessed through any internet connection, across multiple devices, and are compatible with most leading browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Access can be restricted based on IP address or permission and profile settings, so you can control who can access what, and from where.

Flexibility to integrate with other applications

Leveraging the underlying architecture, our software solutions can easily integrate with your existing external systems. Data can be imported or exported to the ClaimVantage platform to ensure all data can be accessed in one central location.

This integration can be supported by web service calls (SOAP or REST), standard format (CVS files or JSON), third-party connector tools, or Salesforce external objects. Depending on the volume of data and the frequency of change, we can recommend the best type of integration for each of your use cases.

Scalability to increase capacity as needed

Cloud-based applications give you the flexibility to start off small and scale with the growth of your business. When you are expanding your operation, you can simply purchase more licenses to accommodate your expanding team.

Security and Reliability

The Salesforce data centers are ISO 27001 and SAS70 Type II compliant, providing you with world-class security. Salesforce’s track record on reliability speaks for itself, with redundant data protection, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and up-time exceeding 99.9%, this level of reliability is difficult to support in-house.

Data Indemnity

All customer data is hosted by Salesforce on their data centers. For security purposes, ClaimVantage does not have access to customers’ production data.

For more information on Salesforce’s policy on data backups and disaster recovery, visit their website.

Offering fast implementation (in as little as 45 days)

With regular software upgrades,

ClaimVantage gives you a competitive edge.

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We’ve worked with partners around the globe to perform digital transformation projects for insurance carriers; from removing the paper from the claims process, integrating multiple systems to streamline the claims process, and introducing auto-adjudication to minimize human interaction.

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