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Some customers opt to engage an implementation partner with whom they’re already familiar with and has experience with their business. In addition, we have formed strong relationships with a number of market-leading implementation partners. They do the heavy lifting during implementation, allowing us to focus on delivering product innovations. Our experience and flexibility enable us to provide our customers with a streamlined implementation experience, regardless of the approach.

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Amazon Connect
ORACLE Peoplesoft
SAP Partner
Twilio SMS Gateway

We are proud to be a member of and support a number of industry bodies.

These organizations are dedicated to supporting professionals across the industry with annual education conferences, professional services, and industry research and reports.




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By partnering with ClaimVantage

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By partnering with ClaimVantage

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We’ve helped global insurance carriers perform digital transformation projects; from removing paper from the claims process, integrating multiple systems to streamline the claims process, and introducing auto-adjudication to minimise human interaction.

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