Integrate Multiple Systems

To Improve the Flow of Information

The ClaimVantage solution allows you to manage claims, absence, and accommodation requests on one central platform. All information related to a specific person or company is accessible to your team once they have the correct permissions to view that data. But how do you go about pulling in policy or billing information for end-to-end seamless claim processing? One of Salesforce’s strengths is its integration capabilities, which allow you to import and export all necessary information into the ClaimVantage solution.

One might aptly describe the overall Salesforce platform architecture as something akin to a five-layer cake.
The foundational layer underneath everything is the trusted, multi-tenant cloud. Residing in this multi-tenant cloud is a powerful, highly responsive relational database, including components such as a big data processing pipeline and rules engine — designed to capture, filter, and respond to events in real-time — and an advanced data management platform. The next layer is the Salesforce Einstein Predictive Analytics application, which can analyse billions of data combinations to surface predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations.

The Lightning Platform ties together the layers mentioned above into a sleek and efficient user interface. The icing on this particular cake is a host of apps that use every one of these components of the Salesforce platform architecture. This is where ClaimVantage sits, fulfilling your claims and absence management needs.

Tying all these cake layers together are the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs enable you to integrate ClaimVantage with your external systems to improve the flow of information across your entire business.

These robust APIs allow ClaimVantage to easily integrate with your existing systems in as little as 10-12 days for a one-way integration. There are multiple integration options, such as web service calls (SOAP or REST), JSON, or CSV files. Depending on the volume of data and the frequency of changes, we recommend which integration is best for your business use case.

Salesforce Platform & the AppExchange

One of the great benefits of our ISV partnership with Salesforce is that our customers get the power of two technology partners, both continually enhancing their products with three upgrades per year, providing you with future-proof technology that will never become legacy or out-of-date.

To further enhance digital transformation projects, customers can access the Salesforce AppExchange, which gives access to third-party apps that can be easily installed and integrated with ClaimVantage solutions, such as DocuSign, Conga Composer, MailChimp, Amazon CTI Connector, Zoom, and much more.

Salesforce’s acquisition strategy ensures any acquired software is built into the overall ecosystem, continually expanding the capabilities of the platform. In 2018, Salesforce spent $7b on acquisitions, including Mulesoft and Tableau, to improve API connectors and analytics.