The Benefits of ClaimVantage Being Built on Salesforce

Building Software on the Platform

At ClaimVantage, we build all of our software solutions on the multi-tenant Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Salesforce’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) structure enables us to build cloud-native software solutions, without having to purchase, install, and maintain hardware, software, and other resources that an internal software platform requires. Salesforce provides us with those tools, which are delivered and hosted in the cloud, allowing us to focus our resources on developing and enhancing future-proof software solutions for our customers.

Why We Chose Salesforce

Choosing Salesforce has allowed us to capitalise on the expertise of a strategic technology partner, delivering flexible and configurable software solutions to the market, removing the IT burden from our customers.

Our software is continually evolving with three major releases a year, in sync with Salesforce’s release cycle, ensuring our customers are operating on the latest version of Salesforce. Since 2006, our solution has evolved with continuous improvements incorporating customer feedback, industry trends, and regulatory updates to deliver innovative claims and absence management solutions.

This approach allows us to build core software solutions at a speed that on-premise solutions, built from scratch, cannot match. You begin your project with a robust solution, which is fully operational within months — not years.

To further enhance digital transformation projects, our customers can access third-party apps, through the Salesforce AppExchange, that can be easily installed and integrated with ClaimVantage solutions. For external systems, APIs facilitate seamless integration capabilities.

How Does the Salesforce Platform Benefit our Customers?

Building our software on Salesforce removes the hassle and expense of maintaining hardware and software infrastructure, implementing robust security measures internally, and the benefits associated with cloud-native software. We pass these benefits on to our customers.

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