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Meet the ClaimVantage Team 

ClaimVantage has built a team with a rich history in insurance products, processes, and technology, with many of the team possessing more than 15-years’ experience individually, and over 150 years of combined industry experience.

Today, we have 90 full-time employees globally, and 1 office dog.

90 Employees

We continually expand our knowledge pool by recruiting primarily from within the insurance domain. In our company’s history, we have experienced minimal staff turnover as we provide career growth opportunities and a company culture that attracts and retains top talent across the globe.

Leadership Team

  • Leo Corcoran
    Leo Corcoran
  • Stacy Varney
    Stacy Varney
    Global Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Kelly Wells
    Kelly Wells
  • Keith Clarke
    Keith Clarke
  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh
    Finance Manager
  • Monique Bouffard
    Monique Bouffard
    Head of Product
  • Barry Cotter
    Barry Cotter
    Operations Manager
  • Sarah Courtney
    Sarah Courtney
    Marketing Manager
  • Mark Irvine
    Mark Irvine
    Quality Assurance Manager
  • Jodi Scudder
    Jodi Scudder
    Customer Success Manager
  • Tori Nadeau-Simonds
    Tori Nadeau-Simonds
    Operations Manager
  • Mark Sefton
    Mark Sefton
    Operations Manager

Board of Directors

  • Leo Corcoran
    Leo Corcoran
  • Oisin Gilbride
    Oisin Gilbride
  • Tony Hewitt
    Tony Hewitt
      Board Member
    • Barry Lundquist
      Barry Lundquist
      Industry Expert
    • Stacy Varney
      Stacy Varney
      Global Head of Sales & Marketing
    • Regina Walsh
      Regina Walsh
      Head of Governance & People

    Support Team

    • Rockne
        Team Coach

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