Benefits of ClaimVantage Claim Management

One Central Platform to Manage Multiple Lines of Business

  • Improve the user experience for your claim department.
  • Increase efficiency by managing both group, individual, and worksite products on one central platform.
  • Improve resource allocation to increase your team’s productivity.
  • Your team can share pertinent documents and real-time details at the claim level to eliminate duplication.

Configurable Low Code Solution

  • Our highly configurable solution provides you with a more cost-effective way to implement changes to the system, without relying on internal IT.
  • Easily map your business processes and organizational structure into the platform.
  • Reduce costs associated with custom code development to support your specific processes.
  • Point and click configuration allows your system administrators to take control, with guidance from our end-user documentation.

Automate Previously Manual Tasks

  • Improve the user experience.
  • Automatically recognize jurisdictions with statutory disability laws.
  • Ensure the right person is doing the right thing at the right time.
  • Quickly adapt to business process changes with self-service workflows.

Introduce Claim Auto-Adjudication

  • Improve the customer experience by reducing claim turnaround times.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce operational effort.
  • Improve claim accuracy by reducing potential human errors.

More Effective Claim Intake

  • Reflexive and completely configurable claim intake allows you to specify the information you need to capture upfront.
  • Automate eligibility determinations based on the information gathered.
  • Configure automated claim assignments to triage claims.
  • Collect structured data for powerful reporting metrics.

Improve Case Management

  • View all claim data in one location, with hyperlinks to additional information to increase efficiency.
  • Better user experience with access to a consolidated view of all case notes.
  • Export all, or a portion of, the case management data as a PDF.
  • Customize views by role, to manage what different users have access to.

Efficient & Payment Calculation

  • Increase efficiency through automatic calculations.
  • Improve the quality of all calculated outputs, including benefit calculations, payment calculations, payment corrections, scheduling, frequency, and expense payments.
  • Automate offset calculations, such as Return to Work, based on information pulled or entered into the claims system.

Claimant & Beneficiary Centric

  • Provide an improved customer experience.
  • Provide unique correspondence to each contact, for clearer communication.
  • Customize payment calculation and release schedules based on payees’ needs.

Digital Engagement

  • Provides digital engagement.
  • Allow claimants to access information in real-time, on-the-go, for better customer experience.
  • Self-service portal access empowers your omnichannel offering.
  • Save money by reducing the call volume to your call centers.

Better Claim Insights

  • Provide better insights into your claim data to detect patterns.
  • Enable your employees to make data-driven decisions.
  • Online reporting gives you access to real-time data, with a drag and drop interface for easier reporting.
  • Build dashboards to give your team a visual overview of claim data.

 Integrate Multiple Systems

  • Increase operational efficiency by improving the flow of information.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entries and reduce operational effort.
  • Provide more transparency across your business.

Regular Software Updates

  • Say goodbye to legacy software.
  • Bring products to market more quickly.
  • Take advantage of new features and functionality with three annual software releases.
  • Benefit from the innovative solutions of the underlying Salesforce architecture.