Case Studies


Automated Claim Processing Installation Realizes Financial Control & Adjudication Management Benefits

ClaimVantage took us from a manual system to an easier all-in-one platform that integrates existing document and workflow systems to maximize synergy.

Lorraine Shaw, Project Manager, Benesure


Benesure wanted an automated cloud-based claim processing solution that would improve customer service, data tracking, and financial controls.

The Business Problem

While the primary focus was on improving customer satisfaction, Benesure needed to upgrade their manual systems and bring all the information required for claim approval together, without using multiple systems or locations. They also needed to increase efficiency and improve total departmental operational costs.

Specific Goals

  • Interface with multiple systems.
  • Store everything in one place.
  • Allow document management.
  • Implement a more embellished platform.
  • Easy to implement modules.
  • Accurately track progress and workflows.

The Solution

The ClaimVantage solution provides benefits around financial controls and adjudication management. Its easily implemented modules quickly improved the quality of data available to front-line claims professionals and managers. It also allows seamless monitoring of the adjudicators to accurately track progress and workload.

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