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By Sarah Courtney, Marketing Manager

June 19th, 2019

In a survey conducted by The Human Animal Bond Initiative (HABRI) Foundation, 97% of doctors believe that there are health benefits associated with owning a pet. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that some of the health benefits associated with having a pet include decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as decreased feelings of loneliness. Owning a pet has also been proven to increase the opportunity for socialization, exercise, and outdoor activities.

With Take Your Day to Work Day® (TYDTWDay) taking place on Friday, June 21st, these benefits can also overflow into the workplace by introducing pet-friendly policies. Pet Sitters International (PSI), an international organization dedicated to saving animals from shelters, began TYDTWDay to encourage employers to support their local pet communities, allow employees to experience the joy of pets in the workplace, and allow non-pet owners to witness the special bond co-workers have with their pets – perhaps even inspiring someone to adopt a pet of their own.

Rockne acts as Moral Coach for the team at ClaimVantage

TYDTWDay and Employee Wellness

With 70% of employees and HR decision makers saying that pets at work make a positive impact on office dynamics and workplace morale, TYDTWDay goes beyond the original intent of PSI.

In 2016, Rockne joined the ClaimVantage team. Curt Drummond, Rockne’s owner, was concerned at the time about Rockne being left at home alone all day, so he requested that Rockne be able to join him in the office a couple of days a week. His request was quickly approved, and today Rockne is considered to be an integral part of the team, coming into the office regularly, providing moral support and a friendly face to everyone he encounters.  He even features on our website team page as our Team Coach!

Since that time, other employees have begun to bring their dogs to our office in Portland. With over 40% of our employees owning a pet dog, we use a shared calendar to notify each other of when our dogs will be in the office and have developed policies to ensure everyone is happy with the arrangement.

ClaimVantage pets boost staff morale and help to destress

We have seen first-hand the positive impact that having dogs in the office has on employee morale. When we asked employees to tell us what they enjoyed the most about having dogs around, they mentioned that it adds the following to the work environment:

  • An opportunity to prioritize midday exercise,
  • A sense of energy and positive emotion to sometimes overwhelming days,
  • A friendly face that never fails to make you smile,
  • An opportunity to engage with employees in other departments,
  • Brings out the nurturing instinct in people, and
  • Has helped one employee face her fear of dogs, and adopting a dog of her own!

83% of employees feel a greater sense of loyalty to companies with pet-friendly policies, and our management team would agree. Allowing employees to bring their dogs to work at ClaimVantage has provided real benefits, including help with doggy daycare and contributing to overall employee happiness, which helps with retaining our talented team! Being a great judge of character, Rockne is usually the first to give a warm greeting to everyone in the office, including our office visitors.

So whether you have a regular take your pet to work day or this is a new concept for you, we would encourage you to support TYDTWDay this year. PSI has put together a great toolkit to help you get organized!

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