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California Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, AB1522 on August 29th. California is the second state, after Connecticut to mandate employers provide employees with paid sick leave.

The act requires that employers, public or private, and regardless of size, permit employees to accrue paid sick leave at the rate of at least one hour for every 30 hours worked, or approximately 8.7 sick days per year for full-time employees.

All employees who have worked for 30 or more days, within a year from the commencement of employment starting July 1st 2015, are entitled to accrued sick leave. Employers may limit the number of paid sick days per year to 24 hours or three days in each year of employment. Any unused accrued sick leave must carry over from year to year.

Employees who work under a valid collective bargaining agreement that provides paid sick time and who earn 30% more than state minimum wage are not covered by the act.

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