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By Kelly Wells, COO

August 18, 2020

Since I joined ClaimVantage earlier this year, my focus has been on our customers. A simple statement from Leo, “the customer is everything” says it all. We do what we do because of our customers. It’s not just about building software solutions, it’s about the need we fill for our customers. 

When I was a customer of ClaimVantage, I greatly appreciated the value of the software, the passion and talent of the people, and the vision from Leo. I wanted to be part of that and help expand it.

Reimagining ClaimVanatge Customer Experience

What do our Customers Need?

Our customers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes building a customer service model that meets the needs of each one challenging. We have customers that have large technology departments with advanced tools and processes, to ones with smaller technology teams that might be directly aligned with the business organization. Our objective is to meet and support each of our customers regardless of the size or shape of their technology team. We know that claims management is a complex and often changing process. We also know that because our system is highly configurable and flexible, it can seem overwhelming at first. 

Reimagining the Customer Experience

At ClaimVantage, we have a great team of people who inherently care for our customers. Our rapid growth has made it challenging for our teams to prioritize establishing processes and best practices. However, as we continue to grow, now is the time for us to make some of those lower priority focuses, the priority. Working collaboratively, we are leveraging our expertise and focusing on reshaping our team, ensuring we have the right individuals supporting each customer request.

Our customers are not all the same, but very often they have similar needs. Our customer service model is evolving as we identify these needs, to provide our teams with a more efficient framework and structure to enhance our customer partnerships.

When Our Customers Succeed, We Succeed

Many of our customers need similar types of support. The evolution of our Customer Engagement Model ensures our processes and services are repeatable, and each team will be focused on delivering on customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Not only will this model ensure we can be more successful in supporting our customers’ needs, but it also improves our employees’ experience. Redefining our focus, as an organization, allows our employees an opportunity to grow and develop, both personally and professionally. Adding clarity to our team structure and responsibilities means creating better processes to hire, train, and grow employees rapidly, ensuring our customers get the support they want and need, when they need it. 

When a customer becomes a part of the ClaimVantage family, it’s our mission to understand their goals and objectives and how our solution can help to support that. When our customers succeed, we succeed; and regardless of their shape or size, our partnership will ensure we can support our customers in achieving their strategic objectives.

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