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By Barry Cotter, Delivery Manager


Ireland is in the midst of the worst winter storm the country has seen since 1982. With over 3 feet of snow hitting parts of the country last night, and Storm Emma coming in from the East this afternoon, the entire country has been put on a red weather alert for the next 48 hours.

Image Credit: Pat Langan at The Irish Times

Here at ClaimVantage, we put a plan in motion with our Dublin team on Monday, when Met Eireann issued the storm warning, to limit the disruption caused by the storm. All employees are now working remotely. As an employer, it’s important to us that we help our employees take care of their families when the country is on the highest weather alert possible. With schools closed, public transport at a standstill, and supermarkets closing early to take care of their employees, snow storms often cause chaos in Ireland, where these occurrences are infrequent, and unfortunately, the country is just not prepared.

Working Remotely

Of course, we have always offered our employees the option of remote working; storm alert or not. We understand that finding the right work/life balance can be difficult in the modern world, and we encourage our employees to develop their work/life balance around their own family and personal commitments. Do you want to drop your kids to school? That’s perfectly fine, we’ll speak to you afterward. Do you have a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon, or are you waiting in for a delivery? Great, you have all the tools you need to do your job from home.

All employees are equipped with a laptop, access to a secure password manager, and as we develop cloud-based software, we provide remote access to all information required to get the job done. Between providing cloud-based document storage, building our software on the Salesforce Lightning platform, and online meeting software, everything can be done anytime, anywhere.

There is an upside for our customers too.

Customer Care

As is often the case in today’s world, our customers are in various locations across the globe. From as far away as Sydney, Australia, to South Africa, to the West Coast of the US, we work across many time zones. Our employees are incredibly flexible regarding customer calls. When we give a little, they give a lot back; keeping our customers happy and ensuring the job is done.

No Down Time

With customers around the globe, a winter storm in one location no longer shuts that office for the duration, leaving customers waiting for overdue deliverables. Although most of the country is at home waiting until the snow melts to resume their routine, our employees can still get their work done. There’s no build up of emails when they return to office, and no pressure to work overtime on customers’ projects next week to get them delivered on time.

Lower Employee Turnover

We are proud to say that we have had a zero percent employee turnover rate in the last 12 months. We treat our employees well, they perform exceptionally well, and we are fortunate to hold onto them. Of course, this also means our project teams are stable, and customers can get to know the team they are working with.

And we have to admit, promoting this work/life balance has benefited us as an employer; our employees work tirelessly to keep our customers happy, and if anything goes wrong (which it occasionally does!) they are accommodating enough to work out of hours to come to a resolution.

Team, we hope you are enjoying the snowball fights and snowman building. With high winds and more snow predicted tonight, we hope everyone stays safe and warm!

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