In Absence, Claim Management Software

Over the past three years, we have been growing rapidly; our team has quadrupled, we have moved to larger offices in Ireland and the US. Our global footprint has also expanded, with new offices recently set up in Tokyo, Japan, and Melbourne, Australia.

At ClaimVantage our mission is to create game-changing software that empowers our customers worldwide to digitally manage life, health, and absence claims.

We are passionate about insurance technology and our software solutions continue to evolve, driven by the digital transformation taking place across the insurance industry. Our goal is to:

1. Continue to expand our global footprint, providing insurance carriers worldwide with the latest insurance technology.

2. Support our global customer base on one core software solution, ensuring everyone benefits from our R&D efforts to maintain our best-in-class software.

3. Provide world-class customer service, through our global network of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Earlier this year, we decided it was time to incorporate our mission statement and expanding global footprint into our brand to strengthen our corporate identity.

This process has been threefold: First, we streamlined our software solutions to focus on our corporate brand rather than on individual product brands. Next, we conducted a survey to evaluate our brand, which resulted in a decision to modernize it. Finally, we rolled out a new website to support this transition.

Our new logo can be seen on the left. The modernized icon highlights the “V” for Vantage which represents the strength and advantage our customers gain from using our software solutions. The graphical elements convey the concept of streamlining data that is funneled down to a point in the letter V which is supported by an existing solid and safe structure.

The bright palette of colors is gone and we have chosen more mute blue and grey tones, to symbolize the trust, loyalty, and confidence our customers have in the ClaimVantage brand.

We hope you like our new look as much as we do!

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