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ClaimVantage proudly hosted its first APAC User Group Meeting last week at the RACV Club in Melbourne, Australia. ClaimVantage is rapidly growing in the Asia-Pacific market, having welcomed three new Australian customers over the past twelve months, including a superannuation fund and an international insurance carrier. Keen to acknowledge, update and hear directly from our customers down under, ClaimVantage decided it was time to offer localized support. ClaimVantage CEO, Leo Corcoran, and Customer Delivery & Operations Manager, Barry Cotter, flew in for the day-long event, joining the rest of our team located in the Southern Hemisphere.

The ClaimVantage team shared updates on the future of ClaimVantage, discussed the latest results from our latest customer experience survey, and offered glimpses of cutting-edge features, including new functionality and documentation. ClaimVantage also opened the floor up for a round-table discussion, allowing customers to share their experiences using the ClaimVantage Solution with each other, and providing the opportunity for like-minded professionals to brainstorm and troubleshoot issues specific to the Australian market.

In addition to providing ClaimVantage-related updates, we invited the Principal Solutions Engineer for Salesforce Australia, Paul Starmans, to join the conversation to discuss:

  1.  Salesforce Einstein, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that Salesforce is building into the core cloud-based platform, and
  2. Shield Encryption, the encryption tool being introduced to address complex governance and compliance needs.

“We were delighted that we could offer a localized meeting to our Australian customers,” says ClaimVantage CEO, Leo Corcoran, “I firmly believe in meeting with clients in-person on a regular basis to build and develop trustworthy relationships that go beyond our business arrangements.”

We are delighted to say that all of our Australian customers were represented on the day and from the feedback received everyone had a great time getting to know the extended ClaimVantage team and learning more about what ClaimVantage has to offer, today and into the future!

We’re also excited to announce that we will be holding our 4th User Group Meeting in Portland, Maine in September 2017.

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