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Where does your claims department sit within your organization? Like most, there is a good chance it is in the back-office, processing claims in isolation, churning out claim decisions stored in data silos, with claims administrators accessing multiple systems to get a holistic view of a claimant.

Do you consider your claims department to be an integral part of your overall business?

Integrating the back-end claims processing to your forward-facing customer service department can open up a world of opportunities:

  • Improved customer service,
  • Improved claims processing efficiency, and
  • A more streamlined process for your internal teams.

We all know that consumers are more demanding today than ever before. I know I am – I expect to be able to access all of my data 24×7 on my mobile device. If I can’t, it could take me a few days to call my service provider to help me sort out an issue. If I can do things on my phone or tablet, I can do it at a time and place that suits me. To call someone, I need to check their opening hours, which usually overlap with my working hours, and schedule some time out of my working day.

Financial services businesses are getting better at providing this holistic service. Today, banks allow consumers to check their bank balance, apply for loans and transfer money to anyone at any time right from an app on their mobile device. However, insurance providers are a little slower in providing the same level of service, which would allow them to deliver claim decisions and payment schedules through a mobile app.

More and more insurance companies are opting to improve this aspect of their customer service. In fact, recently we have spoken with multiple insurers who are frustrated with their current customer service levels. Access databases, multiple claim systems, manual workarounds, and paper files result in inefficient processes, increasing claim duration, and getting up-to-date claim information to the claimant, is challenging to say the least.

We tend to see Insurers focusing on improving the customer experience, but only within the call center. We would encourage insurers to take a more long-term view and consider a holistic view of the end-to-end claims lifecycle. Imagine a world where your call center staff could access a policyholder’s information, across multiple benefits, on one screen? Enter a cloud-based claim management system.

Integrating the customer service department with the claims department brings the process full circle, empowering the call center to deliver real-time information to the policyholder, without putting them on hold or loading multiple systems to access all of the relevant data. Even better, the claimant can access their information via an app on their phone at their convenience, without having to pick up the phone and call.

The video below provides an overview of how ClaimVantage can integrate with your current systems to provide you with a holistic claims process to improve claims processing efficiency and hence, deliver a better customer experience.

Our Claim Management software solution can help you to transform your claims department!
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