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Claim management solutions

ClaimVantage has a broad range of experience implementing cloud-based, automated life claim management software solutions for insurance carriers, superannuation funds, and third-party administrators.

Life Insurance

We have developed a range of state-of-the-art claim management software solutions to help you effectively and easily manage life claims.


We fully understand the nature of your business as a superannuation fund, and can provide claim processing solutions that will give you a competitive edge in the market

What Advantages Does ClaimVantage

Offer Your Business?

Whether you are an insurance carrier, a superannuation fund or a Third-party Administrator (TPA), ClaimVantage has a suite of claim processing software that offers you a host of benefits and advantages for your business.


ClaimVantage works to have the solution up and running as quickly as possible. Within a month after implementation, all the customised reporting, intake forms and customer portals will be added to the Solution. Agile implementation allows you to experience the benefits of the solution right away, without any internal IT holdup.


Your internal IT department doesn’t have to worry about system configurations. We work with your team to take care of that.

Access to Decision Maker

You’ll be working directly with the key decision makers on the ClaimVantage team, which based on customer feedback has made a tremendous difference for providing optimum results during integration and customisation.

Anywhere Access

As a cloud-based solution, the ClaimVantage Solution is readily available from any Internet connection and runs on most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Intelligent Integration

ClaimVantage is hosted on the industry-leading Salesforce Lightning platform, allowing for simple integration of this best-in-class claim processing platform with your existing systems; resulting in clear, actionable steps that ensure the right person is working on the right claim at the right time.


Built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, the platform is secure and reliable. As an ISV partner, Salesforce ensures your information is safely protected in the cloud, and continually tested and refined to ensure your information is protected from security breaches. Redundant backups and multi-layered security protocols protect your specific company data.


Because the ClaimVantage solution is hosted on the Lightning Platform, it comes equipped with all available best-practice user interfaces and usability testing common to the platform. We combine the latest usability features from the underlying architecture with elements specific to the ClaimVantage Solution to create the most seamless, intuitive user experience possible.

Cost Savings

Adopting a cloud-based software solution, like ClaimVantage, can save you up to 60% on implementation. The core MVP can be deployed quickly and easily, minimising the cost of installation, configuration, and internal IT support. There are no upfront hardware costs, regular software upgrades are provided as part of the licenses fees, and the configurable interface reduces the costs of customisation.

Always Up-To-Date

As a cloud-based software solution, innovation and automatic upgrading is part of the ClaimVantage package. System upgrades are not batched together and sold as a new version. We provide these to customers as a hallmark piece of our core product. Even small enhancements to the software on an ongoing basis based on customer feedback and best-in-class innovations to ensure users have the most up-to-date functionality available at their fingertips.

Analytics & Benchmarking

The ClaimVantage Solution features analytics and benchmarking functionality to measure and assess your internal data and compare it against best practices in the industry to help you make informed business decisions that yield results.

3 Key Questions to Ask

When Considering a
Claims System Upgrade

If you are considering upgrading your system to support faster, more accurate claims processing you will need to identify the problems you are trying to solve for. By keeping your current business problem in mind as you investigate potential solutions will ensure you choose the right software that directly addresses your specific goals.

Switching from a custom application that lives and breathes in your internal IT environment, to a platform-hosted, cloud-based automated application offers a world of benefit and business value. But,  it is a move that should be made based on a clear and critical understanding of what needs to be done, when you need it by, and why you’re making a change. Forefront in your mind should be how this new technology will support the results you desire.

To assess your current system and identify the business problems you should ask the following 3 questions.

  1. What does our current system allow us to do?
  2. What do we need be able to do to operate at an optimal level?
  3. What will we require in the future?

Focusing your attention on these three areas will help you to identify where you are and specify the limitations of your current system; as business demands and customer needs move toward faster, more transparent information delivery, these limitations will grow.

ClaimVantage are
Happy to Help!


We can work with your team to identify problems, pinpoint solutions, or both. We offer a helpful, independent view of what you’re trying to do through the lens of the best and most up-to-date practices in the insurance industry.

By thinking ahead of the curve and considering what your future needs will be, you are preparing to make a business decision that supports longevity and the ability to grow and expand your business with the evolving market.

Engage with ClaimVantage

      At the early stage of the process

Dozens of our clients have scheduled initial meetings with us early in the process of hunting for new solutions and experienced a tremendous benefit from our support and decades of industry perspective. We can help you:

  • Identify the business problem and clearly define measurable goals aligned with potential technology solutions.
  • Trace the current interactions within the claims process and highlight potential weaknesses in the link.
  • Bridge the gap between the C-level and the project team to facilitate a better flow of information during the requirements and evaluation phase of the project.
  • Share information on best practices and industry standards to guide your success.
  • Present a realistic view of the capabilities that current technology platforms have to offer.

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