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ClaimVantage is a leading international provider of life claim management software solutions to insurance carriers and superannuation funds.

Claim Management

Solutions for a competitive edge

ClaimVantage offers industry-leading software for managing life claims efficiently and securely, helping you deliver superior customer service for a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

Hosted on the Salesforce platform, our configurable and intuitive cloud-based software is developed and updated by industry experts. We provide regular enhancements to keep you on top of market changes and industry developments.

Our best-in-class solutions are fully integrated and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, helping you minimise fraud, streamline operations and improve productivity, while saving on implementation costs.

Company History

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ClaimVantage Founded.


North American

First North American Customer using Claim Management software solution.



Signed first European customer.


On the Cloud

Rebuilt the Claim management software solution on the cloud-based, Salesforce platform.


Cloud Based

First customer using the cloud-based claim management software solution.


Absence Management

Launched Absence management software solution. August saw first employer customer using the absence management solution.



Signed first Australian customer.


Australian Office

Established subsidiary company, ClaimVantage Austral, with a local Board of Management.



January, Launched Accommodation management software solution.
March, Doubled office in Dublin to support growth.



March, All ClaimVantage applications Lightning Ready on Salesforce platform.
April, Opened offices in Tokyo, Japan.

Insurance Technology




Life insurance policies begin to be issued in London, with mathematical and statistical tools implemented in the mid 1700’s. By the 1760’s the sales of life insurance began in the US.



The first programmable computer is invented.



Email and the internet are invented.



Claims are submitted using paper, and file folders are being used to manage the claim life cycle. Electronic systems, such as IBM, are being introduced to allow employees in difference offices to communicate electronically. Software developments are enabling insurers to begin to develop custom built software solutions for claims processing in-house.



The world-wide web debuts on the internet. Insurance carriers begin to launch consumer websites in the mid 1990’s. Insurers are using spreadsheets and access databases to manage insurance claims. The first mobile phone launched in the mid 1990s.


Early 2000's

Workflows are being introduced to streamline processes. Social networking sites are introduced. Insurers started offering omni-channel distribution, through agents, over the phone, and over the internet.


Rule Engine

Rule-engines to drive processes and automated workflows are introduced to improve efficiency and productivity.



The first smartphone, the iPhone is launched.


Cloud Based

Cloud-based software solutions begin to win the “Build versus Buy” debate.


Platform As A Service

Integration capabilities begin to improve with the influx of PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings in the market. Mobile application functionality becomes more popular among life and health insurers.
Mid 2015, first mention of term InsurTech meaning Insurance Technology


Big Data

Big data and data analytics make inroads in the life and health insurance industry, although adoption will be slow.


The Future

The insurer of the future will use:
- Auto-adjudication to process claims without human intervention.
- Artificial Intelligence to make decisions on claim decisions.
- Telematics to monitor policyholder’s health and introduce.
- Robo-advisors assisting web users with their queries.
- Robotic Process automation (RPA) to enhance automated workflows and tasks.


We offer a range of customer support options for a variety of support issues, including:

24/7 support for priority issues,
A Single point of contact for production support issues, and
An online Customer Support portal.

Matter Expertise

Our subject matter experts have over 15 years of insurance industry experience each. They are experts in their fields and have come to ClaimVantage equipped with extensive product knowledge, ready to support your team in implementing a claim management software solution to support your business objectives and goals.


Our ring-fenced R&D team is made up of more than 8 senior developers and product architects. This team is responsible for creating innovative product development and enhancements, to support the insurance industry of the future.

Monthly Focus
Group Meetings

As a ClaimVantage customer, you will have access to our monthly focus group meeting. We have a range of scheduled meetings, based on the products you use, your technological background, and geographical location.

Biennial User
Group Meetings

Our biennial user group meetings are integral to our customer-partnership approach to business. These meetings pose the opportunity to meet with us face-to-face and to meet other ClaimVantage customers. The agenda general includes industry-specific topics, product-specific demonstrations, and an update on ClaimVantage’s strategic plans.

Mission Statement

And corporate values

Mission Statement:

“We create game-changing software that empowers customers worldwide to digitally manage Life, Health and Absence claims”

At ClaimVantage we are passionate about InsureTech and continue to be driven by the digital transformation in the insurance industry. To support our mission, we have three strategic objectives to support this ethos:

Global Software Solution Provider
With a presence in five continents, we are determined to support global insurance carrier’s digital transformation projects to process claims digitally, today and in the future.

One Core Product
Our philosophy is to support all customers across all markets on one core product. This ensures all customers benefit from our R&D efforts to remain a best-in-class software vendor.

World-class Customer Service
With a dedicated and experienced support desk team, business analysts, technical leads, implementation and project managers, we provide world-class customer service.

Our Core Values

“We will be the go-to innovation people for Life, Health and Absence software.”

At ClaimVantage we have an ambitious shared vision to guide our business, product development, and our brand. Our culture and core values support our commitment.

We are accomplished
industry experts

Our team consists of talented, driven individuals with a proven track record in their fields of expertise.

We foster a positive, supportive
learning environment

We are one team, who build-up and support each other to ensure we are on track to achieve personal and organisational goals.

We make intuitive,
smarter products

We continuously innovate our software solutions to deliver best-in-class products at the forefront of the insurance industry.

We cultivate effective

We know we can’t do it or know it all, so we leverage industry partners and system integrators to effectively deliver projects on time and within budget.

We serve customers and
build real relationships

We believe in building partnerships with our customers to foster long-term relationships for mutual benefit.

We build trust

We build trust through transparency and open communication. We extend trust to our teams, prospects, and partners by assuming positive intent.

We dream big

We empower the entrepreneurial spirit by believing in our people and championing their goals and aspirations.

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