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ClaimVantage leverages the industry’s leading platform as a service (PaaS), Salesforce to develop its best-in-class claim processing software solutions. This architecture facilitates secure technology upgrades, solution enhancements, as well as regulatory changes that are part of the ClaimVantage value proposition.

There is never a new “version” to buy. Our regular release schedule, which aligns with Salesforce, keeps you up-to-date and ready to capitalize on our latest enhancements, as well as new InsureTech innovations. To continue to deliver high-quality products, ClaimVantage has a dedicated QA team who continually test and refine the software for functional reliability.

As the software is hosted on the Salesforce platform, ClaimVantage never accesses your data. Your contract with Salesforce ensures they have multiple backups and layers of safety protocols to keep your data secure.

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Benefits of ClaimVantage

Software Solutions


We understand that your business is unique. ClaimVantage software solutions are configurable throughout the life cycle of a claim, ensuring a match with your business processes end-to-end.

Self-service workflows empower your systems administrators to edit or add new workflow sets to automate processes without IT assistance.


The ClaimVantage software solutions are developed on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, taking advantage of available “best practice” user interfaces and usability testing. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface provides a consistent look and feel across all platforms, for a seamless user experience.

Links are provided from the interface to online help and end-user documentation to ensure users have everything they need at their fingertips.


Reduce operational effort and increase efficiency by an average of 30% using our range of software solutions. Increased efficiency can be achieved by:

  • Removing paper files from the claims process,
  • Replacing manual workarounds with automated workflows and tasks, and
  • Reducing the number of systems a claim assessor must access.

Integration Capability

Hosted on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, our software solutions leverage the underlying architecture to easily integrate with your external systems.

Data can be imported or exported to the ClaimVantage platform to ensure all data can be accessed in one location. Depending on the volume of data and the frequency of change, we can recommend the best type of integration for you and your business.

Faster & Easier Access

Your preferred ClaimVantage software solution is readily available through the web and is compatible with most leading browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

The Salesforce Lightning Platform makes integrating your claims processing and decision-making processes simpler.

Empowering Decision Making

Everything you need is accessible on one platform, empowering your team to make better decisions. Our Claimant-centric process provides all claimant information on one screen, improving the customer experience.

Our built-in online help and end-user documentation ensure new team members are onboarded quickly, and have access to everything they need to effectively administer claims.

Reporting and Dashboards

One key strength of the underlying Salesforce platform is its reporting and dashboards capability. Although each of the ClaimVantage software solutions has a number of pre-configured reports, the easy-to-use interface allows you to create ad-hoc reports using drag and drop capability.

Reports can be created to filter and summarize data in real time.To further improve your business insights, you can save and share reports and dashboards with other users, according to specified permission sets.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Moving to a cloud-based software solution reduces both short-term and long-term costs. Implementation costs can work out as much as 50% less than traditional installation, configuration, upgrades, system requirements, and internal IT support.

And with no in-house data servers to maintain, you will see extensive cost savings in the longer term.

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