Working with

Developing Partnerships

Beginning with implementation to ongoing support and account management, ClaimVantage focuses on developing customer partnerships, working together to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

Combining in-depth discovery workshops, detailed configuration, and ongoing support and training, our team of experts are focused on fulfilling our mission to create game-changing software that empowers our customers worldwide to digitally manage life, health, and absence claims.

Customer Engagement

Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer starting implementation, our Services Team is set up and ready to collaborate and consult with you. We have a clearly defined Customer Engagement Model, with three different stages of engagement.

New customers beginning on their journey to implement ClaimVantage begin at the Evolve stage, as we work closely to evaluate your goals and objectives, before implementing the best solution for you. As we begin to roll-out your software solution and your use of the software matures, our level of engagement will typically transition to the Engage or Expand stage.

So whether you have a large technology department with advanced tools and processes or a smaller technology team, our Customer Engagement Model ensures that we are ready to partner with you and support you in achieving your strategic objectives.

Leveraging Existing Partners Relationships

Many of our customers already have existing partners or vendors supporting their technology teams and systems. Our engagement model is designed to allow flexibility to support this approach.

Our teams can work with your existing partner to train them on our product to ensure they have the knowledge and skillset to meet your strategic objectives. We can also provide recommendations on preferred partners if this is a model you are interested in pursuing.

Customer Success

Following the successful implementation of the ClaimVantage solution, you will be assigned a Customer Success Consultant, who will work with you on an ongoing basis. Whether you are looking to upgrade your software version, enhance your existing solution, or engage in a new project, our Customer Success Team is ready to support your solutions’ strategic development.

Depending on your needs, your consultant will work with you to understand your business, refine your strategic goals and objectives before recommending the best customer service model and service plan for you.

Industry Expertise

Our team has extensive experience across the global insurance industry. We continually expand our knowledge pool, recruiting from within the insurance and benefits domain, to ensure we remain thought leaders in our industry.

Across our business, development, and customer support teams, many of our team members have more than 15 years of experience across insurance and benefits products, processes, and technology. This collective expertise ensures we can provide you with best-in-class software solutions built on deep domain knowledge, successfully implemented to help you to achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

We work with your team to identify problems or pinpoint solutions, by offering a helpful, independent view of what you’re trying to do through the lens of the best and most up-to-date practices in the insurance industry. By helping you think ahead of the curve and consider what your future needs will be, you will be equipped to make business decisions that support longevity and the ability to grow and expand your business with the evolving market.

Engage with us at the early stages of the discovery process, where we can help you to:

  • Identify your business objectives and clearly define measurable goals aligned with potential technology solutions.
  • Review your current claims process and highlight potential areas for improvement.
  • Bridge the gap between the C-level and the project teams to facilitate a better flow of information during the requirements and evaluation phase of the project.
  • Share information on best practices and industry standards to guide project success.
  • Present a realistic view of the capabilities that current technology platforms have to offer.