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With unrivalled speed to market, our solution eliminates legacy software issues, reduces implementation costs by over 60%, and transforms the way you process claims, today, and into the future.

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With ClaimVantage

Our claim management software solution is state-of-the-art and designed to process both group, individual, and worksite life and health products on one digital platform. Supporting a broad range of policy benefits, the software leverages a claimant-centric approach to help you deliver a superior customer experience with efficiency and accuracy.

Our cloud-native claims solution is hosted on the secure Salesforce Lightning Platform, and has a user-friendly interface, with deep functionality built by industry experts that will change the way you process claims today and into the future.

Claim Management Software

Our Claim Management Software supports the full life cycle of a claim, from intake through to payment calculation. This claimant-centric process drives accurate and timely claim decisions. Designed with efficiency and usability in mind, our solutions minimise the number of screens a user needs to navigate to process a claim.

Key Features

Claim Management Software

One Central

To manage individual, group
and worksite benefits

Deep Configurability

low code solution

Reduce Operational

Increase efficiency
by 30%

No More Manual

Automate workflows
and tasks

Gain More

Improve Claim Insights

APAC Plans Covered

  • Death Cover
  • Lump Sum TPD Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer
  • Individual Disability
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Wellness

Better Customer Experience

With a self-service portal

Enhance the customer experience for policyholders and claimants, providing them with access to real-time information 24/7, at their own convenience, using a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Verified by user testing, the ClaimVantage Portal is designed to guide the user through claim creation, easily upload and download required documents, and provide real-time updates between the back-end claim system and the portal, improving the experience for all system users.

Improve Operational Efficiency

by 30%

Replacing your legacy system with our cloud-native solution can improve your operational efficiency by up to 30%, by:

  • Replacing paper with electronic files.
  • Reducing the number of systems to access to process a single claim.
  • Replacing manual steps with automated workflows and tasks.

Life Cycle

Of a claim

Claim Intake

The claim intake ‘wizard’ guides the user with reflexive questioning to ensure the necessary data is collected to create a claim. This process can be configured to meet your specific business needs.

Once created, a claim can be manually or automatically assigned to a user or team on pre-defined criteria such as geographical location, or team structure.


Introduce automated workflows to auto-adjudicate claims based on specific rules. These rules can be configured to process claims based on a number of fields, including the benefit type, eligibility status, or payment specification. Introduce assignment rules with due dates to keep claim durations on track. All auto-adjudication rules and workflows can be configured, depending on the level of automation you would like to introduce to your claims.

Workflows and

  • Automate your communication workflows using auto-adjudication.
  • Auto-generate tasks to help your team manage their work.
  • Create and send timely letters, emails, and SMS to policyholders.

Case Management

The case management journal is the ‘heartbeat’ of the claim. Based on the traditional paper file, the journal is divided into several categories for easy access to various sections, such as benefits, policy, and claim information, where claim assessors can:

  • View benefit claimed details.
  • Initiate an approval process when the benefit claimed status changes.
  • Write a detailed synopsis.
  • Document an action plan and next steps.
  • Review and re-run eligibility rules.
  • Attach forms and documents.
  • Add and review notes in various categories.
  • Document and view information in many sub-categories.
  • View claim status and metrics.

All information in the journal can also be easily exported in PDF format.


Payments are calculated based on the claim, policy, and benefits information provided. Whether you want to consolidate payments, set up automated scheduling, or make a lump sum payment, the software can be configured to meet your needs. Depending on your business process, the payment calculation options can be configured to allow claim level or beneficiary payments.

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