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Enhance your employee absence and leave programs with our accommodation management software solution.

The first of its kind, this cloud-based software solution helps you effectively manage ADA & ADAAA accommodations, keep employees at work to avoid absence, and assist employees in returning to work.

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Created by industry experts and hosted on the secure Salesforce Lightning Platform, our accommodation management software allows you to fully document all aspects of the interactive process in one central location.

The time and date stamp functionality supports EEOC compliance, and potential and actual accommodation costs are tracked for ease of cost-benefit analysis.

Support Your Employees When They Need It Most

Help them be successful after they’ve been out of work. Or, help them avoid going out of work in the first place. Our Accommodations platform lets you:

  • Thoroughly document all accommodation requests.
  • Track the interactive process with ease.
  • Store all accommodation-related data in one central location.
  • Time and date stamp all records.
  • Export accommodation-related records to PDF quickly and easily.
  • Record and document interviews to investigate accommodation needs.
  • Attach images, photographs, and documents to each accommodation request.
  • Generate real-time reports using drag-and-drop functionality.

Key Features



For a holistic employee

No More Paper

Store everything

Follow-up Tasks

To better support
your employees

Associated Costs

To better support
your employees

One Central Platform

To manage individual, group
and worksite benefits

Key Features

Of Accommodations

Calculate Total Approved Costs & Potential Liability

  Document the Entire Interactive Process

 Early Intervention and Return to Work (RTW) Support

All Data Stored in One Central Location

Calculate Total Approved Costs & Potential Liability

  • Accurately demonstrate a case of undue hardship.
  • Provides cost-benefit analysis for accommodation requests.
  • Easily report on your company’s overall accommodation costs.


Document the Entire Interactive Process

  • Records are date and time stamped in the event of an EEOC audit.
  • Easily show the process followed if needed for support during litigation.
  • Invoices, documents, and photographs can be attached to each request.

Early Intervention and Return to Work (RTW) Support

  • Prevent your employees from having to go out on FML or Disability.
  • Help your employees return to work earlier, reducing claim duration.
  • Support your absence & leave programs.


All Data Stored in One Central Location

  • All data can be exported in PDF format in the case of an audit.
  • Information can be accessed in real-time across multiple teams.

We all have a Destination

It’s about how you choose to get there

Holistically Manage

All aspects of absence & leave programs

Managing workplace accommodations as part of your overall leave and absence programs allows you to better manage all aspects of employees illness and injuries, providing them with support when they need it most.

Help your Employees

When they need you most

You want your employees to be productive at work. They want the same thing! It can be financially difficult for employees when they miss work, and it can be stressful for them to feel like they aren’t contributing. Offering accommodations to help them improves employee morale.

Engaging with your employees during the interactive process allows them to feel supported and engaged with you while they are away.

Life Cycle

Of an accommodation request


This process is triggered when a need for a work accommodation is identified. At this stage, you can note the details of the condition, the challenges it causes, and the need to help the employee stay or return to work.


The interactive process is designed to help you determine the accommodation needs of your employees and will vary depending on the situation. There are a number of activities to consider during this process:

  •  Record interviews to investigate accommodation needs.
  • Attach images, photographs, and documents to each accommodation request.
  • Generate real-time reports using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Track approved costs and potential liability, to conduct a cost-benefit analysis.

Our platform ensures you are equipped to keep an accurate record of the interactive process, as you explore accommodations that can help an employee stay at work, or return to work following an absence.

Approval Process

Once a decision about an accommodation is reached, it will be classified in the system as:

  • Approved,
  • Leave as an accommodation approved, or
  • Denied.

If an accommodation request or leave as an accommodation is approved, a follow-up notification will automatically generate for your team.


Claim Management

You can further enhance your accommodation management by integrating our absence & claims management solutions. Together, they provide a single, comprehensive end-to-end claim management solution, helping you to support your employees when they need it most.

Claims Management


Absence Management


Accommodation Management




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