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AbsenceDirect helps you think of everything when you’re too busy to think.  

There are so many questions to ask when an employee goes out of work. Missing one is easy.

  • Are they eligible for federal FMLA? Maybe a state leave?
  • Is the stated reason covered by federal FMLA or a state leave?
  • Do they have time left to use or have they used it up already?
  • When they bring in paperwork, is it sufficient to approve their absence?
  • Did you send all required letters on time? Were they accurate?
  • Are all employees being treated fairly?

This would be challenging, even if Leave of Absence were the only issue you had to worry about; When you add in all the other things your team juggles, it can be downright overwhelming.

Take open enrollment, for example: with all hands on deck to spread the word about 2018 benefits, is it possible you missed something on an employee’s Leave of Absence request? Or, if you managed to follow your Leave of Absence process to the letter while open enrollment was on your plate too, did your team’s morale suffer?

Set Yourself Up for Success with AbsenceDirect

Tax season is right around the corner. You can put strategies in place now to avoid repeating any problems you may have faced during open enrollment.

AbsenceDirect can make your Leave of Absence process efficient and seamless. It makes it easy to treat employees consistently – and document that you did! – and it takes the guesswork out of compliance.  

You can download the product brochure below if you want to read more specifics. A demonstration is the best way to see all the things our solution can do, though. Contact our sales team, and we’ll set one up.AbsenceDirect Data Sheet - Product Brochure

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