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Thank you to the DMEC (Disability Management Employer Coalition) for another successful Compliance Conference that was graciously hosted in the Hilton Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although I have never been disappointed in a DMEC conference, meeting or session of any type, I do especially appreciate the Compliance Conference every year. It’s a great opportunity to be in the same place as so many industry experts at the same time.

Annual DMEC Employer Compliance Conference 2017

From my perspective, the sessions are highly focused, informative and engaging. I consider myself an industry expert, and I always walk away with something to think about, and something new that I have learned. It might be due to a court case presented by Jeff Nowak, or a case law development shared by Frank Alverez that peaked my interest. Or it might be some future legislation that I need to consider and design for; but regardless, there is thought and with thought comes excitement. And excitement about our work is a great thing!

I know that I am not alone with the engagement that I experience at the DMEC Compliance conference. After most sessions, or at the very least, at the end of each day, I am approached by other leading industry experts with questions and ideas about upcoming challenges we should consider. We discuss how we should continue to be the industry leaders in assisting our customers with their FMLA, ADA, Federal, and State leave administration.

I want to thank the DMEC for another successful three days. The effort members provide is not lost on us, attendees and vendors. I happen to be both, so I do get to see it from all angles, and you all are amazing.

I am also so proud to say that I will be a member of the New England DMEC chapter. I am honored to work with DMEC, and I hope that my contribution will meet or exceed their expectations and that I can work to meet the standards that have been so elegantly set.

Thank you again, and I will see you all at the annual conference in Anaheim!

P.S I will be presenting at the Annual DMEC Conference this year alongside Les Lee Shell, from Clark County. We will be presenting on their forward-thinking approach towards absence management using the AbsenceDirect Mobile Portal. Our session will be on Wednesday, August 2nd at 4.15pm. You can read more about our upcoming session here, and of course, we’d love you all to come along!

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