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Empower your team to manage leaves of absence more accurately, efficiently, and in compliance with federal and state FML, PFL, and PFML regulations, with ClaimVantage absence.

Manage All Leaves

In one place

Large employers, TPAs, and insurance carriers love our absence management software solution. Let our innovative, easy-to-use absence management system alleviate your FMLA, PFL, and ADA compliance concerns, reducing your risk of litigation.

Hosted on the secure Salesforce Lightning Platform and maintained by industry experts, our user-friendly software enables you to record, track, and manage all employee absences on one central platform. The platform automates eligibility determinations, eliminates manual processes, and empowers your team to manage absences more accurately and efficiently.

Absence Management Software

Our absence management software solution provides you with end-to-end management of absence requests.
It doesn’t simply track employees’ leaves of absence; it helps you and your team to automate eligibility determinations based on built-in federal and state regulatory requirements.
As well as managing the leaves built into the core product, the system can be configured to allow you to easily handle corporate leaves and other absence policies specific to your business.

Key Features

Absence Management Software


Automate eligibility


Improves employee
engagement experience

No More Paper Files

Store everything

Improved Reporting

Gain insights into
leave patterns

No More Manual

Automate workflows
and tasks

Key Features

Absence management software

  Drag and Drop Reporting Capability

  Automatic Notifications to Supervisors and Employees

  Customer Portal

 Supports Paid Family Leave

 Automatic Eligibility Determinations

Drag and Drop Reporting Capability

  • Gain better insights into leave patterns.
  • Create ad-hoc, real-time, or scheduled reports.
  • Create dashboards to give your team a visual overview of absence data.
  • TPAs can provide employers access to run specific reports.

Automatic Notifications to Supervisors and Employees

  • Generate letters, emails, and SMSs automatically.
  • Trigger notifications off multiple events during various stages of a leave of absence.
  • Ensure completion of each step in the process for regulatory compliance.
  • Note an employee’s preferred communication method to increase employee satisfaction.


Customer Portal

  • Employees have access to real-time approval or denial information.
  • Limit the number of calls your HR team or call center receive.
  • Automatically provide employees with documents and forms to complete at intake.


Supports Paid Family Leave

  • Benefit amounts are calculated automatically.
  • State regulations are kept up-to-date; ensuring compliance.
  • Manage all paid and unpaid leaves on one platform.


Automatic Eligibility Determinations

  • Ensure compliance and reduce your risk of litigation.
  • Federal and State FMLA regulations are always up-to-date.
  • Automatically calculate the time used and time remaining for each employee.
  • Manage both concurrent and sequential leaves.


Focus on Your People

Not Your Processes

No more inefficient manual processes or compliance risks. Administer FML, PFL, and corporate leaves with ease with one digital Absence Management Solution.

We all have a Destination

It’s about how you choose to get there

Improve Employee Engagement

With a self-service portal

Provide employees with access to real-time absence updates, at their own convenience, using a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Verified by user testing, the ClaimVantage Portal is designed to guide employees through requesting an absence, downloading and uploading required documents, and providing real-time updates between the back-end claim system and the portal, improving the experience for both employees and leave administrators.

Customers using Absence have seen the following benefits:

  1. Reduced operational costs. Your leave specialists do not have to manually check leave regulations or manually calculate used and remaining balances.
  2. More confident compliance audits, as it is easy to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Increased employee satisfaction with faster decisions.
  4. Fewer keystrokes used to adjudicate a leave request, resulting in a more efficient process.

Confident Compliance Audits

One employer group using our software to manage their leaves have had several Departments of Labor (DOL) audits. For each audit, they were able to download a PDF of each leave to show the complete history in an easy-to-read format.

Not only were they able to prove that they had adjudicated the leave appropriately, but the DOL representative praised the leave system.

Life Cycle

Of an absence claim


The intake ‘wizard’ guides the user with reflexive questioning to ensure all necessary information is collected, enhancing standardization and efficiency. This process can be configured to meet your specific business needs.

Once created, the absence request can be manually or automatically assigned to a user or team based on predefined criteria, such as geographical location or team structure.

ClaimVantage Wizard

Automatic Eligibility

An employee’s eligibility will be automatically determined when an absence is created. The system will check hours worked, length of service, and the employee’s worksite to provide you with an eligibility determination for both paid and unpaid federal and state leaves, as well as any other leaves configured on the system.

Workflows and

Depending on the eligibility determination, workflow tasks will automatically generate and be assigned to the appropriate user or team based on your business process. Different tasks will generate depending on whether an employee is deemed to be eligible or ineligible. Built-in workflows will generate to ensure you manage all FMLA claims based on established business practices and any SLA requirements.

Leave Management

Automated workflows and tasks ensure all steps in the process are complete to meet regulatory requirements. A task list is generated to ensure the right person is doing the right thing at the right time.


No more manual checks on Federal and State FML, PFL, and PFML regulations. Our team of experts take responsibility for maintaining and updating the system when a regulatory change is announced, ensuring you are always compliant.

All absence claims, including a complete history, are available as PDF exports in an easy-to-read format for any DOL or EEOC audit.

Claim Management


Absence Management






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