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Impact of
Managing FMLA
on Employers

How much does
FMLA compliance cost?


of employees don’t know their
organizations’ absence-related costs

And those who claimed to know their
organizations’ costs often underestimated them.

Compliance with FMLA costs
employers more than

$21 billion

In lost productivity, continued health benefits, and
labor replacement.

Time requested among
full time employees’

Requested FMLA leave
over a 5-year period

Requested STD

Requested LTD

1 in 3

employees are on FMLA leave at any given time in some industries

FMLA results in stress and
lost productivity


claim work doesn’t get done which
can result in lost productivity


of employers cover unplanned
absences using overtime or
extra shifts

Can better management
reduce your costs?

Typical Cost of Employee Absence

in a company of 500 employees, with 24% requesting fmla in 5-year period

Employees requested FMLA


per employee




typical cost over 5 year period

Employers are spending an average of 2.5 hours
managing each FMLA case

Employers believe
they’ve granted
time off


of all US


with more than
500 employee

Companies that manually self-administer FMLA have higher rates of abuse, which correlates with higher approval rates, higher intermittent leave times, and more total hours in FMLA absences.

Average verdict for FMLA cases related to wrongful termination is nearly


Typical savings when managing FMLA

in a company of 500 employees using a tool
like Absence Management Software

hours saved annually from

employee leaves of absence
days avoided



total savings

Manage all Absences

  In one place

Replace manual leave of absence spreadsheet tracking with a fully automated technology. ClaimVantage Absence Management Software guides your company through the compliance puzzle, step-by-step, including managing FMLA compliance, state-specific regulations, and ADA management.


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