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Benefits of Leveraging APIs
to Integrate your
Claims Systems

Better Flow of

Information cascades from multiple systems into one central location improving the flow of policy, benefit, and claim information across multiple departments.

Better Quality
Claim Management

Your teams can access the information in one system, reducing the need for training. This can improve employee satisfaction and result in better quality claim management.


Installing and maintaining multiple systems, particularly legacy systems, can be costly. Along with reduced training costs, the majority of users only need access to one system, reducing overall license costs.


Your claims team can process claims more efficiently, as all information can be retrieved from one source rather than accessing multiple data sources to process one claim.

Reduced Risk of
Human Error

More efficient processes and data cascading from one place reduces the risk of human error in data entry.

Better Reporting

With all information available in one central location, better, more accurate and detailed reports can be generated.


Users can access the information they need in one place, making it easier to navigate the complexities of managing a block of claims.


Data is stored electronically in one central location, helping your claims department to make quick, accurate business decisions.

Better Customer

Your front-line employees can quickly access information, increasing their ability to provide exceptional customer service.


Using one integrated system makes it easier to incorporate necessary security tools. As your claims team only need access to one system there is less risk of a security breach.

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