Upload Lite Process

Transferring data between incompatible software packages can be difficult and time consuming. To take the pain out of this for our clients, ClaimVantage developers have created a new Upload Lite feature to make this process more timely and easier.

Upload Lite supports comma separated value (CSV) files to ensure data files can be transferred easily between incompatible software packages. The data is uploaded in CSV format and converted into the appropriate product table to properly integrate with the software. Data can be uploaded both occasionally or using a scheduled process depending on your business requirements.

If you have already implemented the ClaimVantage software,
Upload Lite can be completed in four easy steps:

  • Click on the “Imported Data Set” tab
  • Click “New” to create an imported data set
  • Use the “Attach File” button to attach a CSV file to be imported
  • Click “Start Processing” as shown in the image above, to validate and apply the CSV data to the software.

If you are concerned about integrating data from different sources, Upload Lite will assist you in making the move to ensure your data is readily available. To learn more about this great feature, request a demo today, www.claimvantage.com.

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