Manually assigning claims can be a bit like picking teams for a kid’s game. In this case, we’re not worried about hurting the feelings of the last claim picked. Instead, we are worried about the teams being balanced, the claims getting to the right team, and learning from how a team performs to make the process better for the future. And at the root of assigning a claim is the overall goal of adjudicating claims accurately and efficiently.

Assign claims by user or team using ClaimVantage's claims processing software.

Assign claims by user or team using ClaimVantage’s claims processing software. (click to enlarge).

Automating the claims assignment process leads to a number of advantages over the manual process:

  • It frees up a claims professional to focus on other tasks.
  • It gets the claim to the person with the right level of expertise.
  • It gets the claim to the person with the right level of experience.
  • It balances the workload precisely inside departments and by person.
  • It tracks automatically enabled reporting.
  • It allows for re-assignment to a more senior person or someone with a particular expertise if it’s needed.

To see how it looks in the ClaimVantage solution see the screen shots above.


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