Anyone who has dealt with claims processing knows that it is very complex—from claim intake, to adjudication, and then to payment calculation, a claims analyst must pull information from many different places in a multi-step process. As with many complicated processes, insurance claims processing creates a lot of potential spaces for inefficiency and inaccuracy. Without proper organization, documentation and application of the mountains of information associated with the claims process, a simple insurance claim can quickly turn into a small ordeal and even a court case.

Many claimants who have had to plod through the process of receiving insurance benefits will find it as no surprise that inefficient handling and organization of information can—and often do—lead to slow, bureaucratic, and inaccurate claims processing results.

At ClaimVantage we are eternal optimists–wherever there is inefficiency, there is room for innovation to increase productivity, profits, and the quality of service to customers. The Claim Diary feature is one of ClaimVantage’s solutions to address claims processing inefficiency. The Claim Diary—fueled by’s Chatter—is a consolidated history of all of the changes made to a claim or its related objects and can be configured to meet your business needs.


The Claim Diary eliminates the need to search aimlessly and sometimes fruitlessly in multiple different areas to find out what was done when on a claim. The diary provides a complete claim history—drawn from many different regions as the system intakes the claim, creates it, and calculates the benefit amount. Claim actions can be sorted chronologically, by type of change to the claim, or by who created the action.

The Diary is both user-friendly and highly flexible. An analyst has the option to create notes or workflow tasks directly from within the claim diary. Additionally, they can export the entire claims history to a PDF file where it can then be printed, shared, or saved.

The Claim Diary—only a part of the overall ClaimVantage automated processing solution—is a powerful problem solving tool which brings together information about the entire claims process all on one easy to view page.

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