Angie is a highly regarded FMLA industry professional, with nearing 20 years of experience. In her work at ClaimVantage developing the AbsenceDirect, FMLA, and ADA automated claim management solution, quality assurance, and compliance are front-and-center to ensure best practices outcomes.

A passionate customer advocate, Angie works closely with companies to ensure they have the software and business practices they need to quickly, effectively, and accurately manage their claims operation, while being compliant with ADA and Federal and State FMLA leave laws.

Angie spent ten years growing and managing integrated FMLA and Disability operations for National and Middle Market accounts. Today at ClaimVantage, her focus is on eliminating duplicate efforts by delivering AbsenceDirect, a cutting edge, automated Integrated Disability, ADA and FMLA claim management system. Angie designed AbsenceDirect to confront issues surrounding ADA compliance, automated eligibility of Federal and State leaves, and exploring better ways to reduce inefficiencies and claims processing time.