At the annual ROSE conference in Minneapolis last September, ClaimVantage was pleased to give away a complete lobster dinner. Recently we received word from our winner, Lisa Haselow of Madison National Life Insurance Company. Here’s what she had to say:

Lisa Haselow, ClaimVantage's Lobster Dinner WinnerI did receive the lobster dinner as promised on 11/30/2012. What an adventure that was! I’ve never prepared live lobster before; nor do I expect I would again, to be honest! My kids got a kick out of seeing the “big bugs” and it really was a delicious meal. Tons of food, between the two soups, the shrimp cocktail and the four lobsters, plus all the sides I prepared, and the cheesecake dessert! Thank you so much – it was really a very great prize! There was even enough lobster leftover for me to make a lobster alfredo pasta the next day. Thanks again! (I attached a funny photo of me in the token seafood bib – haha!)

You’re welcome, Lisa! We’re delighted that you and your kids enjoyed one of Maine’s signature delicacies!

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