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A recent study by IBI suggests that employers can plan for future disability claims management by better managing employee leaves of absence (LOA). With 24% of employees claiming FMLA and 14% claiming short term disability (STD) over a 5-year period, proactive planning for employee leave can help employers avoid loss of productivity, under staffing without warning, and the additional expense of bringing in temporary employees.

This webinar educates participants on:

  1. Industry trends affecting Disability and Absence management.
  2. The benefits of integrating your Disability and Absence claims.
  3. Industry best practices for managing these claims together.

In this webinar recording, Angie Brown, Product Manager at ClaimVantage and Teri Weber, Senior Consultant and Partner at Spring Consulting, share their insights into the benefits, and the future of “Integrated Absence and Disability Claims Management” for employers and TPAs in this webinar recording.

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