Multi-System Integration Optimizes Risk-Management Reporting Capabilities


“We were looking for an innovative solution and ClaimVantage had seamless implementation possibilities with competitive costs.”

                      —Thom Charest , COO, Professional Disability Associates

The Overview

Professional Disability Associates (PDA), a Third Party Administrator (TPA) and Consulting Firm, needed a secure, easy to use automated claims software system to process disability and life waiver claims.

The Business Problem

PDA represents multiple customers who process numerous claims. They required a highly efficient system with seamless implementation and the ability to integrate with existing platforms, such as imaging, predictive modeling, document management, FastTrack solutions, etc.

Specific Goals:

  • Client claim data uploads
  • Multiple system integration
  • Case management
  • Easy “plug & play” user features

The Solution

PDA acquired a ClaimVantage cloud-based integrated insurance claims risk management system to keep their TPA business on track and be flexible enough to manage disability and life waiver claims based on their customers’ needs. A key benefit of this enhanced system is the ability to combine PDA risk management consulting expertise with the latest case management system reporting tools.


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