As anyone who is up to date with industry trends will know, mobile technology and increased customer involvement are high on the list of priorities for insurers in 2014. We here at ClaimVantage are excited to announce the release of our newest feature, the Customer Portal.

The customer portal provides both employers and employees with mobile access to Life, Disability, and Absence policy information.

  • Employees can use the portal for an overview of Disability and Absence claims, days submitted, claim status, payment status and any certifications required to complete the process. Certification forms are also available to view and download. Employees can create new absence claims, or add time to existing absence claims on the online portal.
  • Employers* may use the portal to create, approve or review employees’ claims. The portal allows the user to search by organization, claim start date, claim number or employee, to view a list of claims and leave types. Pre-created reports may be generated with the ability to modify the timeframe and run the report from a mobile device.
*Please note that different access levels can be set so supervisors may have different access to HR representatives.

With a rise in bring your own device (BYOD) programs, the ability to work on mobile devices is becoming increasingly important.  I’m sure you are all aware that working hours these days are not strictly 9-5, so if a claims manager can create or review claims outside of working hours, it can be hugely beneficial to maintain workloads.

Employee Portal - Chart Summary

A major benefit of the portal is the reduction of pressure on calls centers.  Claims administrators must deal with calls from employees requesting leave, checking claim status and payments status, while also processing claims. If employees have the ability to review claim status and payment status online, it can only be beneficial.

For absence claims, the portal allows employees to fill in a form online providing the administrator with the necessary information to file an absence claim. The claim administrator can easily access this information and determine the level of attention the claim needs. This reduces the amount of time spent on the phone and reduces the number of unanswered calls that need to be returned.

While employees cannot create disability claims online, they can use the portal to review claim status, check policy details, payments processed and any outstanding documentation.

To learn more about the Customer Portal request a demonstration today. To activate the portal in your existing system, contact your ClaimVantage representative.

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