When claims management and payment systems get out of sync, claimants and customer service suffer. This is the time when internal IT departments become emergency responders in search of a solution.

Avoiding inaccurate or late payments is a critical risk issue that ClaimVantage identified and addressed through a technology integration partnership with Paychex, a leading provider of payroll solutions.

Efficiency and accuracy are assured with ClaimVantage’s automatic processing of payments, taxes, and explanations of benefits. ClaimVantage’s Payment Exporter automatically sends the details for all approved payments due. PayChex can return a processed payment file to ClaimVantage updating the check date and the payment number.

This enhanced level of automation provides a full view of all payments, including the processed date and the branded check print date or EFT processed date.

By integrating proven products developed by Paychex, ClaimVantage offers IT and claims operations a fast cost-effective claims processing payment solution.

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