In disability case management, reducing claim duration and initiating earlier claimant return-to-work engagements requires in-depth return-to-work documentation. Setting up internal return-to-work processes is complex and needs to be done right to avoid adverse decisions.

ClaimVantage - FastTrack Return to Work IntegrationClaimVantage has taken steps to help its customers navigate the return-to-work labyrinth with the FastTrack integration option. Using FastTrack, ClaimVantage can return up to three return-to-work documents related to details of the Person and their Claim, as well as produce enhanced metrics reporting that provides a return-to-work account that measures positive outcomes.

FastTrack is a Return to Work product that helps return claimants to work earlier by identifying their current job requirements, physical capabilities collected by medical providers, and generating reports that can be used to recommend accommodations and preparation of Transitional Work Assignments. Just recently, FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions announced a significant enhancement to its Life Waiver tool with new advanced filtering capability.

The integration between ClaimVantage and FastTrack is seamless: To start a request click the “Send to FastTrack” button on the “Return to Work” or “Medical” tabs in Case Management, and the returned documents are attached to the “Return to Work” tab and available for the examiner to review. It’s that easy!