ClaimVantage provides automated, cloud-based Life and Income Protection claims management solutions to insurance carriers and third-party administrators (TPAs) around the globe. The ClaimVantage Solutions support both group and individual benefit plans. Our solutions are claimant-centric and allow a claims administrator to view all insurance plans for each claimant, including historical claims.

Cloud-based claims management solutions are flexible and can easily integrate with your current business processes and workflow processes to create efficient and streamlined claims processing capability.

ClaimVantage’s automated solutions are designed to completely or partially replace manual business processes based on your requirements, allowing for quick and accurate claims processing that reduces reserves and improves satisfaction among your customers and employees.

ClaimVantage hosts its claims processing software solutions on Salesforce’s secure and reliable Lightning Platform – the world’s leading cloud platform. Through this collaboration with Salesforce, ClaimVantage can offer cloud-based solutions that provide:

  • Anywhere, anytime instant access,
  • Flexibile integration with external applications,
  • Scalability to increase capacity as necessary, and a
  • 24/7 hosted service.

ClaimVantage provides full life cycle claim management for Life and Income Protection benefits through the ClaimFirst solution. Automated workflow tasks and rules built into the Lightning Platforn help automate and improve your business processes, including submission, eligibility, assessment, and payments.

Offering fast implementation and continual software improvements, ClaimVantage gives you a competitive edge.

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