Over time consumers have adapted to self-service when it comes to fueling their vehicles, withdrawing cash from an ATM, and even self-checkout. This willingness to help ones self as opposed to waiting for service has been made easier through Internet-based services and mobile apps.

With a third (34%) of American adults ages 18 and older owning a tablet computer, its now even easier to gather need-to-know information, anytime, anywhere. Evolving consumers are going to expect improved mobile connectivity with many of their service providers, including insurers, who must now demonstrate their own adaptability.

A local insurance agency blog Top 5 Life Insurance Trends in 2013 sized up this evolving customer-relations shift: “Customers are increasingly using technology to make changes to their existing insurance policies. As technology becomes more accessible, customers will become more involved in their insurance plans.”

Fortunately, insurance companies can fast-track mobile accessibility through strategic technology investments. In the case of claims management, ClaimVantage has already developed an automated cloud-based claims management system with anytime access via the internet. Additionally, a convenient Customer Portal provides a claimant (Member) or a supervisor with an online login to check their claim status and payments. Also, a Provider Portal feature allows Policyholders and Service Providers to access directly select information about the claims that relate to them.

If history is a good predictor of future behavior, mobile technology adoption that encourages customer involvement will continue to rise. According to Pew Internet research, tablet ownership in 2013 doubled in one year.

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