Last year ClaimVantage piloted a User Group Forum to collaborate with customers on a weekly basis. The purpose of this pilot was to identify potential system changes that would enhance the usability of the ClaimVantage claims management software for all users, provide overall product improvement and improve operational efficiency.


One of the concerns our customers had was that it was difficult to find particular claim details at a glance. To solve this issue, a Claim Summary view was developed, allowing the administrator to view all aspects of a claim on a single page without having to navigate through multiple pages.

To view all necessary details, an administrator need only click on the Claim Summary link at the top of the claim page. Hyperlinks are provided to allow a deeper view of each section as needed. A printable view of the page is also available for ease of use.

As all customers have different requirements, this summary view is highly configurable via the Claim Summary Options custom setting. This allows you to remove or add fields accordingly, determine the order in which they are displayed, and hide any irrelevant sections.

Following the successful outputs of this forum in 2013 we decided to expand the User Group Forum to include more of our customers in 2014, allowing us to gather more feedback and continue to improve.

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