Single Source Automation Solution Significantly Improves Claim Operations

“We had a very collaborative partnership with ClaimVantage to replace old technology with a state-of-the-art automated system, with clean interface, strong analytics, and seamless integration.”

Irish Life —Paul O’Neill, Director IT, Irish Life


The Overview
When the premier insurance company in Ireland—Irish Life (IL)—needed to replace its legacy system to optimize claims processing for Life, Pension, and Income Protection products, they turned to ClaimVantage.

The Business Problem
Irish Life was encumbered by an old legacy system that couldn’t keep up with increasing claim processing department demands and the more sophisticated reporting and tracking needs of
senior level decision-makers.

Specific Goals

  • Create more efficient and comprehensive reports, from claims management through payment.
  • Quantify cost centers in claims operations.
  • Optimize productivity without losing accuracy.
  • Enable better decision making of each and  every claim.
  • Expand platform.

The Solution
ClaimVantage, along with integration technology partner Version 1, successfully delivered a single source solution with a clean interface that pulls stronger information to more effectively manage Irish Life’s claim cycle, from intake through adjudication and payment. The enhanced system—well liked by staff—changed practices to a customer-centric view of claims, which immediately improved customer service.


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