Case Management
To transfer claims processing to a paperless system, our Case Management Journal was developed on the basis of the old paper claim file. For ease of use, the journal is divided into several categories, which allows the user to view, add and edit claimant information by category all on a single page.

As we have rolled out our claim system, we have listened to customer feedback and suggestions to constantly improve on our software. These suggestions are gradually being implemented to improve the overall efficiency of the system. Our latest software update affects changes made by the user in the case management journal.

Each category in the journal contains editable fields and notes. While editing or creating a note the user can easily get distracted and click onto a link or tab outside the claim, which may result in lost data. Now, when working with notes in the Case Management Journal the category heading is highlighted in a different color to warn the user that the change needs to be saved. This can be seen in the image included. This feature helps to avoid the situation of lost data, making the system more efficient for the user.

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