ClaimVantage offers a range of solutions that can seamlessly integrate multiple systems, platforms and processes to automate your claim processing workflow through the lifecycle of a claim. Whether you have a legacy system that needs a complete overhaul, or you are looking to replace part or all of your manual processes we have an automated claims management solution for you.

The 4 key benefits of the ClaimVantage Life, Health and Absence claim solutions are:

Automated Claims Processing
Automation is no longer a luxury; it is a competitive requirement. Automation can save you time, cut costs and ensure each step of the process is complete before claim approval.

  • Route claims to the right person for key decisions to increase productivity and reduce claim processing times.
  • Built-in rules determine claim eligibility, simplifying the complex requirements when managing different types of benefits.
  • Eliminate double data entry through the centralized database, improving the consistency of your data.

Intelligent Integration
The ClaimVantage solutions have intelligent integration capabilities that can be incorporated into your existing processes and workflows, and integrated with existing administration systems and future cloud software innovations. All ClaimVantage solutions are built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, to ensure all solutions work together, today and in the future.

Cloud-based Technology
ClaimVantage utilizes the industry’s best in class cloud-based applications to facilitate secure technology upgrades, enhancements, as well as regulatory changes. Multiple back ups and security protocols protect your data.

At ClaimVantage we are committed to continually improving our claims management solutions to stay on top of industry trends. Regular system upgrades ensure you always have access to the most up-to-date technology innovations and enhancements.

Cloud-based technology offers you many advantages, including:

  • Faster and easier access through any web connection.
  • Best practice user interfaces and approved usability testing.
  • 50% reduction in up-front costs when compared to traditional installation, configuration, upgrades, system requirements, and internal IT support.

Multi-Lingual Platform
The ClaimVantage solutions have the ability to enable you to have both English and French interfaces and content.