New system enables the facilitation of claimants return to work and lowers the overall costs for processing disability and life claims.

Portland, ME, August 1, 2009

ClaimVantage, a global specialist in life and health insurance claims systems, today announced that Québec Blue Cross has gone into production with the company’s state-of-the-art claims management solution. Québec Blue Cross selected ClaimVantage in early 2008 after an extensive evaluation. ClaimVantage was chosen due to its unique expertise and innovative capabilities enabling the company to deliver the most comprehensive and cost effective solution for both disability and life insurance claims processing.

Remarking on the success of the project, Marc Lamirande, Vice President, Québec Blue Cross, commented, “We and our customers are already seeing the benefits of the new system. We choose ClaimVantage because we were impressed with their flexibility, client centric culture, and because their solution while being functionally complete also presented the best overall value. The results of the project clearly indicate we made the right choice.”

Prior to going live with their new state-of-the-art solution, Québec Blue Cross experienced the same productivity inefficiencies, processing redundancies, manual work arounds and loss of control inherent in the aging legacy systems common to the industry. These systems were not designed to handle the complex requirements of today’s life and health insurance products including accurately settling disability and other “long tail” claims. The key consideration for Québec Blue Cross was to find a cost justifiable and modern solution, that gave them the control and adaptability needed to consolidate the processing of multiple claim types within a single system. Québec Blue Cross has already seen significant benefits in the new system by being able to:

  • Take advantage of industry best practice flow as reflective in the ClaimVantage solution.
  • Improve overall claims servicing and more effectively facilitate return to work.
  • Create synergy by processing multiple insurance product lines in one claims system.
  • Leverage rules based workflows for pre-eligibility, eligibility and payment calculations.
  • Deliver workflow and configuration changes without having to customize the software.

Leo Corcoran, CEO of ClaimVantage further noted: “The driving force of our company is to deliver a quality product and service to companies like Québec Blue Cross. ClaimVantage was founded on providing the industry a complete, modern and cost effective life & health insurance claims management platform based on open standards and non-proprietary technology. We are confident that our specialized focus enables us to deliver the most comprehensive “long tail” claims system available for the money. We appreciate our excellent working relationship with Québec Blue Cross and look forward to serving them for many years to come”.

About Québec Blue Cross

Québec Blue Cross is a leading provider of travel, health and life insurance products. The Blue Cross name has been synonymous with providing high quality insurance and assistance products for over 70 years. Blue Cross is Canadian-owned and provides coverage to millions of Canadians in Canada or travelling abroad. Blue Cross is one of the most recognized providers of travel insurance worldwide, and as a result, one in four Canadians is covered by a Blue Cross plan. Blue Cross is a registered trademark of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross plans. For more information:

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