Portland, Maine—Automated claims technology company ClaimVantage has further expanded its Absence, Disability, Accident and Life business line with Voluntary Accident-Only Claim Management.

The ClaimVantage Voluntary Accident-Only claims technology product can be purchased as a stand-alone option or as part of a multiple business line solution allowing Insurance carriers, third party administrators (TPA), self-insured corporations to quickly and affordably upgrade their existing systems.

ClaimVantage’s Voluntary Accident-Only Claim Management delivers a responsive solution with automated claims processing that is accurate and accessible, from claim intake to adjudication and payment,” explains ClaimVantage CEO Leo Corcoran.

To improve functionality and maximize operational flexibility, ClaimVantage has built-in many timesaving features, including:

  • Integration Capabilities
  • Configuration
  • Intake Wizard
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Case Management
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Document Organizer
  • Dashboard
  • Auto-Adjudication
  • Accident specific sum coverage
  • Automated workflows
  • Business rules determination
  • Coverage-type Pick List
  • Claim Diary

An international provider of automated claims-management technology, ClaimVantage offers Absence, Disability, Accident and Life (including Integrated FMLA and Disability) claim technology solutions, on a Force.com cloud-platform, that increase claim processing efficiencies and decision outcomes.

To learn more about ClaimVantage go to www.claimvantage.com.


Leo Corcoran

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