DMEC hosts annual FMLA/ADAAA Employer Compliance Conference in Washington DC

Portland, ME, March 24th 2014 – ClaimVantage will be exhibiting at the annual FMLA/ADAAA employer compliance conference, which will take place in the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Centre, Washington DC on March 31st to April 2nd.

The annual FMLA/ADAA employer compliance conference promises to ensure attendees leave equipped with the tools and knowledge to remain compliant with statutory requirements, while providing education on the latest compliance tactics, practical strategies and procedural recommendations for managing FMLA and ADA issues.

As ADA and FMLA are complex in their own right, amendments and litigation decisions make it that much more challenging.  It is important for employers and TPA’s to have the most up to date information to maintain compliance at all times, as well as a concrete workflow process.   In the most recent issue of Work Magazine, Sedgwick Senior Vice President, Disability and Absence Management, Denise Fleury, outlined a number of steps to be followed in creating an organizational process framework:

      1. Develop a management strategy for compliance. Define clear accountability throughout the organization by appointing an organization leader to ‘own’ the issue.
      2. Identify the right stakeholders to participate in program development to ensure success.
      3. Develop a written administrative program, including process flows with roles and responsibilities.
      4. Identify needs for ongoing training, communications, data collection and tracking.
      5. Identify specialty resources to support the ADA and FMLA interactive and accommodation process.

ClaimVantage FMLA product manager, Angie Brown reiterates what Denise outlined above, “The most important thing an employer can do to be successful with managing their FMLA and ADA is to establish their own individual workflow process using industry best practices to guide them.  Ensure that the process is well documented and properly conveyed to the employee population.  Ensuring that your process is followed from the first day of an employee’s absence, and is consistent across your entire employee population, will not only assist with regulatory compliance but may also reduce your absenteeism.”

About AbsenceDirect
ClaimVantage has developed cloud-based absence management software, AbsenceDirect.  AbsenceDirect is an automated absence management software solution that ensures compliance for employers and TPA’s when managing employee absences. The software incorporates federal, state and company specific leaves, which are continually updated on the cloud-based platform.


Angie Brown

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