ClaimVantage CEO, Leo Corcoran will be onsite to discuss the latest in claims management software

Portland, ME, April 29th – The annual Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) Conference will take place in the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario from May 5th through the 8th.

The CLHIA conference is open to its members, industry associates, partners, exhibitors, and sponsor companies. The CLHIA aims to serve its members in areas of common interest, need, or concern, through the hosting of this annual conference. The conference will offer attendees the opportunity to meet with other industry professionals to discuss the latest trends and developments.

In recent years, mobile portals, big data, and data analytics have been at the forefront of insurers minds. The transition from legacy software and silos of information, to integrated claims systems, often hosted using cloud technology, promotes the future of claims processing. Integrated claims software allows mobile portals and big data analytics to be easily implemented, offering insurers a wealth of information to improve the overall efficiency of claims processing.

Following the release of the ClaimVantage Employer and employee portals in 2014, the next step was to develop an innovative analytical and industry benchmark tool in 2015. The product will allow insurance carriers and employers to implement analytical and benchmarking capabilities, and to easily improve fraud detection and claim outcomes initially.

To discuss these upcoming developments, drop by the ClaimVantage booth throughout the conference to meet with CEO Leo Corcoran.

About ClaimVantage

ClaimVantage provides Life, Health and Absence claim management software products to Insurance carriers, TPA’s, and employers, including two of the top 3 carriers in Canada, and two of the top ten carriers in the US. The company, with offices in Portland, Maine and Dublin, Ireland, provides efficient, accurate, and productive claims processing and absence management solutions to a wide-range of Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and employers. For more information about ClaimVantage, visit


Sarah Courtney

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