Quebec Blue Cross use Open Technology to Accelerate Delivery to their Customers

Portland, Maine May 12th, 2008

ClaimVantage have delivered a range of Open Technology tools to support both customers and partners in the implementation of the ClaimVantage product suite. This strategy delivers significant benefit as it supports the reuse of existing infrastructure thus reducing risk, cost of delivery and reduction of training for internal IT resources.

Quebec Blue Cross has used this strategy to accelerate delivery of the ClaimVantage product suite to support the integration of internal legacy systems. “Open Technology has provided Quebec Blue Cross with the ability to create and modify rules, workflow and the user interface without recourse to ClaimVantage, we see this benefit as critical to delivering to our customers” said Marc Lamirande, Vice President of Québec Blue Cross.

“According to a recent survey sponsored by ClaimVantage over 40% of respondents do not have dedicated internal IT resources to support their claims systems” said Leo Corcoran, CEO at ClaimVantage. “While IT resources are scarce it is important that the tools available provide ease of use, reduced training and access to information and forums, Open Technology delivers this and improves service levels to internal customer”.

The ClaimVantage strategy delivers Open Technology for customers and partners. Insurance carriers strive to keep up with the latest technologies while still needing to support a range of legacy systems. Open Technologies provide tools to support this strategy; an example of this is the JBoss workflow and rules engines delivered by Red Hat.

ClaimVantage use the JBoss workflow and rules to accelerate the delivery of the ClaimVantage product suite. Over the past two years we have seen more insurance carriers using these tools to deliver internally. A key benefit of this strategy is that the workflow and rules can be stored and reused from a repository outside the application, this reduces customized code and improving the speed to market for customers

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