EBN Benefits Forum & Expo to take place in Boca Raton, FL September 29-October 1st

Portland, ME – For the first time, ClaimVantage CEO, Leo Corcoran will be attending the EBN Forum & Expo which takes place in the Boca Raton Resort and Club, Boca Raton, FL from September 29th through October 1st.

The EBN Forum aims to educate employers on issues relating to health care, wellness, employee engagement, cost containment, wearable wellness, and regulatory and compliance.

ClaimVantage recently entered the absence market with their automated absence management system, AbsenceDirect. AbsenceDirect provides employers with a guided, off-the-shelf, absence-tracking system that’s ideal for small to mid size businesses, large corporations and even global franchises. AbsenceDirect also integrates with disability claims management systems to provide a one-stop solution for managing employee leaves of absence.

According to the Employment Policy Foundation, compliance with FMLA not only costs employers more than $21 billion annually in lost productivity, but also continued health benefits and labor replacement. With a growing number of FMLA and ADA regulations, AbsenceDirect provides employers with a system capable of detecting non-compliance with these regulations changes.

According to research from Spring Consulting, absence management solutions can reduce administration time by 30%, thereby reducing costs for your business, and allowing your administrators to focus on other activities.

In conjunction with using an absence management solution, active absence management can reduce the duration of claims by 5%. AbsenceDirect provides users with a step-by-step guide to provide employers with an easy to use absence management solution.

Visit absencedirect.com to get your free thirty-day trial of AbsenceDirect today. If you would like an opportunity to meet with Leo at the conference, visit claimvantage.com/about-us/contact, or email Leo at info@claimvantage.com.

About AbsenceDirect
ClaimVantage has developed cloud-based absence management software, AbsenceDirect. AbsenceDirect is an automated absence management software solution that ensures compliance for employers and TPA’s when managing employee absences. The software incorporates federal, state and company specific leaves, which are continually updated on the cloud-based platform.


Sarah Courtney

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