Portland, ME March 23, 2011

ClaimVantage, an international provider of claims administration software and services, today announced its solution for absence management—a fully integrated product for managing allowed absence, short term disability (STD) and complex regulations like the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). At the heart of the solution is a workflow-driven, rules-based, application solution that enables accurate and efficient decision-making.

Combining absence, STD and FMLA in a single integrated solution drastically reduces the amount of coordination and rework in claims administration. It also balances and prioritizes independent, but interrelated, information required for making accurate adjudication decisions. For example, the ClaimVantage solution provides the ability to track the FMLA time concurrently with disability in the event that an employee is eligible for leave. Each component of the solution is also available independently.

Administering absence, STD and FMLA requires an exhaustive and up to date understanding of complex, disparate and potentially conflicting regulations and employment rules. Administering the rules incorrectly opens the door to litigation. Employees can also easily take advantage of ill-informed or defensive positions on FMLA or other regulations and union rules.

“Informed, uniform and consistent decisions are the key to an effective program of absence and other managed leave scenarios. Maximum productivity and lawful application of policies and requirements need to be central to any administration of leave. I don’t see how a manual process—despite the best intentions of everyone involved could capture all of the pertinent elements and find the right answer every time,” said Karen Trumbull English, Partner, Spring Consulting Group, LLC.

Leo Corcoran, chief executive officer ClaimVantage, Inc., said―Supporting a single point of intake makes sense for companies prepared to integrate the solution. We can start the actual request process with the employee answering questions on a web-based self-service portal. Having those answers linked to more than one set of rules around FMLA, STD and absence allows the solution to weigh and evaluate layers of complex and potentially conflicting requirements and data.

About ClaimVantage

The ClaimVantage Solution is a suite of software products offered in both cloud and enterprise packages by ClaimVantage, Inc.. Its solutions are used by companies worldwide to automate and integrate insurance claims processing and to bring legacy systems into the 21st century. ClaimVantage is a leading global specialist in life and health insurance claims systems delivering expertise, experience and streamlined claim management—from intake to payment processing. For more information on ClaimVantage, go to www.claimvantage.com.

For more information:
Leo Corcoran (t) +1(207)781.3178 (c) +1(207)838.5075 (e) leocorcoran@claimvantage.com

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