The ClaimVantage strategy is to support Open Systems

Canassurance Blue Cross (operating as Québec Blue Cross and Ontario Blue Cross) will partner with ClaimVantage to deliver a new claims platform to support disability and life claims. A key business objective for Canassurance Blue Cross is to provide its customers with a claim system that not only meets customer expectations, but will exceed them.

Canassurance Blue Cross is a leader in the travel insurance market in Canada. “Flexibility to support our customers is very important to us. Our partnership with ClaimVantage will ensure that we remain a leader in our market and provide superior claims services to our customers” says Marc Lamirande, Vice President of Canassurance Blue Cross.

“According to a recent claims survey only 30% of respondents said they can react to immediate market changes with existing systems”, said Leo Corcoran, CEO at ClaimVantage. “Canassurance Blue Cross requires a system that can be supported internally so that market changes and new insurance products can be supported quickly — this is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.”

ClaimVantage will deliver this competitive edge to Croix Bleue Québec through the innovative use of ClaimView and ClaimPay integrated with Open Source rules and workflow. A key benefit for the customer is reduced customized code and improved speed to market for new products.

About Canassurance Blue Cross

Croix Bleue du Quebec is a leading provider of travel, health and life insurance products. The Blue Cross name has been synonymous with providing high quality insurance and assistance products for over 70 years. Blue Cross is Canadian owned and operated, and provides coverage to over eight million Canadians in Canada or traveling abroad. Blue Cross is the most recognized provider of travel insurance worldwide and as a result one in four Canadians is covered by a Blue Cross plan. Blue Cross is a registered trade mark of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross plans.

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